Personal finance tips for 2024

Having trouble keeping up with new year’s resolutions? These are few money related objectives that you can maintain throughout 2024 and beyond. We’ve put together some helpful tips to get you started, whether you’re wondering how to invest, or want to start your own business want to travel more, or want to donate some money to a good cause. We’ve put together some handy tips to set you on the right path.

Even if you’re already saving money on international transfers with these tips will help you line your pockets this year.

Resolution #1: Entrepreneurship Done Right

Save up money at least for 6 to 9 months worth of expenses that you will only use only for emergency situations in a savings account before venturing into freelance work

Never undervalue your own worth : Remember in contrast to an office job you are  typically not compensated for hours you spend surreptitiously watching netflix youtube videos in the ,idlle of the day when you set an hourly project rate for clients. Consider using that additional expense as using your house as an office.

Spreadsheets are quite helpful, it can be challenging to remember when you’ve been paid or haven’t when you are managing multiple projects at once. To track the project rate and deadline.

Keep your data backed up: Without a workplace server it becomes easier to lose or misplace important documents, costing you extra time and money. Use apps such as Carbonite, Dropboxor AeroFS for an easy fix.

Keep tabs on time: Time is money, especially when freelancing. Keep tabs on how you spend it with apps like OfficeTime and RescueTime. And if you’re the type who’s easily distracted, consider an app that blocks the Internet all together for a bit.

Resolution #2: Real Estate Investing Wisdom

Buy to rent : Examine the type of rent you can expect also the cost associated with the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, upkeep, and management. If not you might not earn as much money at all!

More in less time : In a real estate investment group, properties are purchased for income using investment funds, and earnings are then divided among members. Investing this way is arguably the easiest because, like with the stock market, you make money while others handle the job.

Flipping: You can purchase homes, make minor repairs with a small investment, and then resell them for a profit by raising their value. Prior to anything else, you’ll need to have enough money for the renovations and locate the ideal house at the suitable pricing.

Resolution #3: Make More Travel Plans While Saving Money

Treat a friend like an ATM: Traveling to a different nation? Never withdraw from a bank or exchange ever again! They’ll defraud you of your money by offering you poor rates. Give the funds to a friend who use to live in that nation, and ask them to take out a withdrawal on your behalf. You may save more than 5% in your trip expenses, which would cover the cost of an additional evening at the upscale eatery.

An app exists for that :
While there are many applications available for the tracking your expenses, not many of them are made with travelers in mind. This is where Trail Wallet comes in handy, letting you keep tabs of all your expenses in any currency while on the road. It doesn’t yet exist on Android, but the Track Every Coin app offers similar features.

Also Opt for cost-saving measures like cooking your own meals, using public transportation, and leveraging technology to track expenses. Maximize rewards from frequent flyer programs and consider alternative methods, like Wise, for exchanging currency and sending money abroad.

Resolution #5 Say goodbye to Bank fees :

 If you’re sending money internationally, ditch the banks and opt for cheaper alternatives like . With lower fees and transparent exchange rates, you’ll save money and avoid unpleasant surprises. is a self custody wallet, that means no censorship, no KYC  you can have total control. You can also earn up-to 7% on your ideal funds with wind wallet. 

Resolution #6  Increase charitable giving (and recover part of your investment) sharing

Giving does not always mean caring : Have you ever observed that after you give generously to one charity, it appears like every charity in the nation wants to get in touch with you ? Make sure you have the authority to restrict how your charity uses your personal information.

Give securely : Make sure your personal information is secure before using a credit card to make a donation. The first, simple, but frequently missed step is to confirm the legitimacy of the charity.

Donate to a charity to reduce your tax burden : Alright, so you may not truly accomplish anything admirable here, but if it is necessary to secure a gift, then it is acceptable. 



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