Best Ways to Transfer Money Internationally

Choose the right payment platform to make international transactions

Gone are the days when sending money abroad was a complex and costly affair. 

The leading money transfer services today offer secure transactions with minimal fees, ensuring your funds reach their destination without a hitch.

This guide highlights eight standout online platforms for international money transfers, catering to various needs, from the most budget-friendly services to the ones best suited for business transactions. Let’s dive in to discover which service might be the perfect fit for your international transfer needs.

Our Recommendations for International Money Transfers

  • Wind.App: Best for Instant, and secure Money transfer at near-zero cost.
  • Wise: The Go-To for Budget-Friendly Transfers
  • PayPal: Ideal for Sending Money to Friends and Family
  • Western Union: Unmatched in Global Reach
  • MoneyGram: Top Pick for Immediate Cash Pickups
  • OFX: Your Partner for Hefty Transfers
  • WorldRemit: Leading the Pack in Mobile Transactions
  • XE: Tailored for Business Needs

Instant & Cheapest Transfer: Wind.App is a cross-border fund transfer platform on Web3. It’s built on the backbone of blockchain technology and supports stablecoin for settlements. 

Since it uses blockchain it can provide instant fund transfer service, anytime, and anywhere. The same technology allows them to cut down the average payment processing fee by 90%. 

Best for businesses that pay remote teams, freelancers, or international vendors; and individuals who send money to their friends & family.

Besides other Web3 enterprises can utilize the Wind API to serve their customers as well.

Budget-Friendly Transfers: Wise

Wise, previously known as TransferWise, stands out for its commitment to low-cost international transactions. 

The platform prides itself on transparent fees and competitive exchange rates, allowing transfers across 70 countries. 

While Wise mandates transfers to bank accounts and doesn’t support cash pickups, its fast card transfers and absence of hidden charges make it a favorite for those looking to minimize costs.

Peer-to-Peer Transfers: PayPal

A veteran in the online payment arena, PayPal simplifies sending money across borders using just an email address. 

Its ease of use and instant transfer capabilities make it a solid choice for non-commercial transactions. 

However, be mindful of PayPal’s fees, which might not make it the best fit for frequent business transactions.

Global Availability: Western Union

With its extensive network, Western Union excels in providing cash transfer options almost anywhere in the world. 

Its flexibility in sending methods and reliable customer service positions it as a strong contender for those needing versatile international payment solutions, albeit at a higher cost.

Cash Transfers: MoneyGram

MoneyGram shines in facilitating quick cash transfers globally, with competitive fees and a user-friendly mobile app enhancing its appeal. 

While its extensive reach and rapid service are commendable, the potential exchange rate markups warrant attention, especially for larger transactions.

Large Amount Transfers: OFX

OFX caters to those needing to move significant sums internationally, eliminating transfer fees and offering no caps on transaction amounts. 

Although its bank-to-bank transfer model may slow down the process, the security and cost-effectiveness of OFX are unparalleled, particularly for substantial transfers.

Mobile Experience: WorldRemit

WorldRemit leads with its exceptional mobile wallet service, offering a seamless way to manage and send funds abroad from your smartphone. 

Its competitive fees and rapid transfer capabilities make it a strong choice for personal use, though businesses may find the transaction limits restrictive.

Business Transfers: XE

XE specializes in catering to business needs, providing a robust platform for managing international payments with clarity and efficiency. 

Its comprehensive services ensure businesses can navigate cross-border transactions with confidence, backed by reliable support and competitive rates.

Choosing the Right Service for Your Needs

When selecting a money transfer service, consider factors like fees, transfer speed, service availability, and the nature of your transactions. 

Whether you’re supporting a family member abroad, managing business payments, or simply moving funds internationally, there’s a service tailored to your requirements. 

By evaluating your options, you can ensure your money reaches its destination safely, swiftly, and without unnecessary expense.



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