Getting Started with DeFi on Wind’s Platform

Looking to effortlessly send and receive money across borders, explore passive income options, and dive into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi)? Say hello to Wind, your go-to non-custodial wallet powered by the Polygon blockchain, bringing you a seamless and secure financial solution.

Wind goes beyond the conventional wallet experience – it’s a complete platform that grants you access to a range of DeFi services on the Polygon network. DeFi, short for decentralized finance, lets you borrow, lend, trade, and manage digital assets without middlemen or limitations. It’s your ticket to fresh possibilities and earnings in the Web3 universe.

In this read, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of Wind’s platform, its perks, how it operates, and the smooth pathway to embarking on your DeFi journey with Wind.

Products Offered by Wind

Wind offers you various products for both personal and business use. Whether you want to send money to your family or friends, pay your remote team members, or earn yield through DeFi strategies, Wind has you covered.

Wind’s platform has three main features: sending money, receiving money, and earning yield.

  • Sending Money: Wind allows you to send money globally with near-free transaction fees. You can use USDC, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, or other supported currencies such as wETH (wrapped ETH), BTC (Bitcoin), or PHP (Philippine peso). You can also convert your currencies within your wallet with just a few clicks.v
  • Receiving Money: Wind allows you to receive money from anywhere in the world safely and securely. You can use your own unique QR code or address to receive funds in your preferred currency. You can also withdraw your funds to your local currency through secure exchanges.
  • Earning Yield: Wind allows you to earn passive income through yield farming. Yield farming is a process of lending or borrowing crypto assets on decentralized platforms in order to earn interest or rewards. Wind integrates with protocols like Aave and Affine that enable you to earn yield on your USDC deposits. You can also access other protocols and DApps on Polygon directly from your wallet.

About Wind

Wind’s core belief is that access to the benefits of DeFi should be universal, without jeopardizing financial stability.

With Wind, you’re in charge. We’re non-custodial, which means your funds and data are yours alone. Your private keys, the gatekeepers to your funds, remain exclusively yours. No exceptions – not even on our end. This emphasis on security makes Wind one of the most reliable wallets on the market.

Our strength lies in Polygon, the layer-2 scaling solution transforming Ethereum transactions. Operating on parallel chains to Ethereum’s main network, Polygon slashes congestion and fees while upholding security and cooperation. This landscape supports a spectrum of DApps and protocols: lending, borrowing, trading, gaming, NFTs – you name it, Polygon’s got it.

How Wind Works

Wind seamlessly bridges the gap between two digital realms: Web2 and Web3. Web2 represents the familiar internet landscape, where centralized platforms and intermediaries shape our online experiences. Web3, powered by blockchain, offers a decentralized internet where direct interaction thrives, free from middlemen and constraints.

Adding and withdrawing funds via Wind is a breeze. Tap into platforms like Coinbase or Binance to swiftly trade between crypto and fiat using bank accounts or cards. You can also purchase crypto assets directly from your wallet with fiat through Ramp Network or Transak.

Once funds are at your fingertips, dive into Wind’s services. Harness USDC or other supported currencies for global transactions. Boost your funds by staking in Aave or Affine, directly from your wallet. Plus, explore a spectrum of DApps and protocols on Polygon, all accessible straight from your wallet.

Not just for individuals, Wind extends its prowess to web3 platforms too. Through Wind’s API (application programming interface), these platforms can seamlessly onboard users. Adding and withdrawing funds via bank accounts or cards is a snap, offering users utmost ease and convenience.

The Wind Difference

Explore Wind’s superior edge in the world of international money transfers. Seamlessly send and receive funds globally, all while enjoying significantly lower fees compared to the old-school methods. Imagine this: while sending $1000 from the US to the Philippines through PayPal comes with a hefty $39.80 fee, Wind’s charge is just $0.01.

When it comes to security, Wind is a fortress. Your funds are your kingdom within our non-custodial wallet. You’re not depending on outsiders to manage your assets. Those special keys, your digital passwords, are your exclusive treasure. Add extra layers of defense with biometric checks or a personalized PIN code – all controlled by you.

Utilizing DeFi on Wind

Wind embraces diverse currencies and assets for your DeFi adventures. USDC offers stability and borderless transactions. Also, there’s wETH, BTC, and PHP in the mix. Dive into Polygon’s token trading with low fees and liquidity aplenty.

Earning yield becomes a breeze with Wind’s integrated protocols like Aave and Affine. Aave enables borrowing and lending with adjustable or fixed rates. Affine boasts a flat 10% yearly interest rate for USDC lending.

With Wind, simply stash your USDC in Aave or Affine via your wallet for instant interest accumulation. Withdraw at your convenience, sans penalties.

Stay in the know with real-time earnings insights: interest rates, accrued gains, and projected annual percentage yields (APYs). Wind even cues you in on protocol risks, assessing liquidity, security, and volatility.

Rest assured, Wind carefully selects secure yield farming options. We integrate exclusively with audited protocols backed by credible security firms, ensuring a track record of performance and trustworthiness.

Choosing Wind

Wind streamlines your financial journey. With speedy transactions driven by Polygon’s prowess, Wind ensures a seamless experience. Managing funds becomes effortless too – effortlessly add or withdraw via bank accounts or cards, even buy crypto directly from your Wind wallet with platforms like Coinbase and more.

Wind equips you with versatile tools for smarter fund management. Craft personalized alerts for price shifts, transactions, and earnings. Tailor your experience further with multiple wallets, each tailored to specific goals. Plus, monitor spending patterns and budgeting strategies through Wind’s analytics dashboard.

To illustrate how Wind can help you grow your funds, let’s take an example of a user who deposits $1000 into Affine through Wind’s platform. Assuming no withdrawals or fees, the user’s fund growth over time would look something like this:


As you can see, the user’s balance increases by 10% every year, thanks to the compound interest offered by Affine. The user can also withdraw their funds at any time without any penalties or fees.

Security and Privacy

Wind safeguards your funds and data with a non-custodial setup. No personal info collected – no names, emails, or numbers. Skip KYC and AML hoops too.

Privacy reigns at Wind. You manage your finances, free from meddling or censorship.

Remember, power demands caution. Self-custody isn’t risk-free. Keep private keys locked, back them up, and beware scams. Wind shares tips to navigate pitfalls, offering biometric checks or PINs for added security.

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