How Wind helps you save more

How would you feel if we charged zero transaction fees to send or receive funds from the US to the Philippines? While most companies charge a transaction fee for global fund transfers, Wind is here to change that. 

When you send money from one Wind account to another, you won’t be charged any extra fees for the transaction. Meaning, when you send 20 USDC you are charged 20 USDC, and not a cent more. 

The transaction fee that most fund transfer companies charge may not seem like a lot at first. But if you’re someone frequently carrying out such transactions, this small fee may add up to a big sum. So zero transaction fees may come as a blessing when you look at how much you’re saving over time. 

Not just this, Wind can also help you save in several other ways. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital payments, innovations continue to reshape the way we handle financial transactions. Among these advancements, harnessing the power of blockchain has emerged as a transformative force. By opting for blockchain-based payment platforms like Wind, you can experience reduced costs on payments and unlock a new era of cost-effective digital transactions. 

Here are a few ways Wind may enhance your payment experience and also help you save more in the process. 

Near-Zero Transaction Fees:

Traditional payment systems often levy significant charges, eating into your hard-earned money. But Wind prioritizes affordability, ensuring that you can transact with minimal fees. This means more savings in your pocket and a higher value for your transactions.

You might be wondering how Wind is enabling zero fees and if this is legit. But it really isn’t a scam. With Biconomy’s Gasless infrastructure, Wind can eliminate the transaction fees charged for sending and receiving funds. 

However, keep in mind that zero transaction fees only apply if you’re sending or receiving funds from one Wind wallet to another. You will be charged a small fee for other actions like cashing out to local banks or E-wallets. Plus other bank charges may apply as well. 

Reduced Costs on Batch Payments with Wind Business:

For businesses, managing bulk payments efficiently and cost-effectively is essential. This is where Wind Business steps in. By utilizing Wind Business to pay their teams, companies can enjoy reduced costs on batch payments. 

Wind Business helps streamline payment processes, automate transactions, and optimize cost structures. You won’t be charged fees for each transaction separately. As a result, businesses can save significant amounts on transaction fees, benefiting from improved operational efficiency and increased profitability.

Store Funds in USDC to Protect Against Inflation:

Wind offers the added advantage of storing funds in USDC (USD Coin). USDC is a stablecoin whose value is equivalent to the US dollar, meaning it remains unaffected by inflation. 

Unlike traditional currencies that fluctuate in value, USDC provides stability, safeguarding your funds from eroding purchasing power. By storing your funds in USDC, you can mitigate the risks associated with inflation and ensure the long-term value of your assets.

As technology advances, new methods emerge, bringing convenience and efficiency to the forefront of financial transactions. So, embrace the power of blockchain with Wind and discover a new method of cost-effective digital transactions.







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